Simple income in the form of referral commission

If you get to website, then you are interested in quick earnings within the investment program. But what if we tell you that there is a possibility of additional income, and you do not need to use your own money for this? We offer an excellent opportunity for passive income to all registered users, without exception. Read how this works in a nutshell.

3% reward
from each deposit amount your referral invested

Pass through short registration on the website and find a unique link for invitations in your personal account after sign-in. It looks like a link to the website where your login is at the end. After login, you can also find samples of animated banners and their ready-made html code. They will undoubtedly attract attention wherever you place them.


Place your invitation link on the Internet in the place where there are potential company clients. If you want to use an animated banner in your signature on your favorite forum - this is ok. However, try to avoid spam and places where such advertising is undesirable, because we would not want our proposal to be associated with something negative or intrusive.


As soon as people are interested in our offer, and someone will click on your link to get to our site, the referral link will start working. After registering a personal account, this user becomes your referral and each deposit will bring you a reward of 3% of the amount that he invested. Moreover, you do not need to do anything else, even to have your own deposit!

Representatives of the investment project in other countries is actively seeking advertising partners, and users who would represent investment services in the regions of their residence. This is very important for the most effective promotion of the idea of earning online and maximum coverage of our target audience - people who use cryptocurrency and want to multiply it.

1st level
5% reward
from each deposit amount your referral invested

If you are website owner or represent an authoritative resource dedicated to cryptocurrencies, investment or online earnings, we would be happy to provide you cooperation in a more profitable scheme than a regular referral program. Above all, we offer increased affiliate remuneration - 5% instead of 3%. Besides, the referral scheme of representatives has one more level, which means an additional 1% commission for deposits of second-tier referrals.

Representational status can be conferred at the discretion of administration, as well as users with an active deposit of 0.2 Bitcoin and more. The current list of representatives, their referral links and the necessary contact details below.

Representative Admin
Sean Edward
Launch date:
Active investors:
Total paid:
$ 5780420.47
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